Planning for my ‘Adam in Borderlands’ trip

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Hi all!,

the route is set ‘roughly’!

All I need to do now, after my mini trip to Blackpool beforehand is make sure I’ve got all my camping gear, batteries, chargers, cameras etc…

Then I’ll need to make sure I’m full of adblue and I’ve got all my tools to dig myself free! Then I’ll be off to bed at 4pm for a 12am start on the Thursday! Excited? Muchly!

The route is composed of mainly green lanes along the Scottish/English border with some waypoints set in to direct me along interesting looking roads/features I’ve seen along the OS map, I plan to find places to stay every evening as I can’t make any videos in the dark and due to the nights drawing in I’ll have I think adequate time to find these places along the route.

I’ve also downloaded the Google maps offline data for the area as I’ll be using our GPX to Google Maps Directions to convert my route into links I can use with my medianav and Android auto, it’s a lot of links for this size of route I just need to remember the order!

Let’s just hope the car continues to perform and I break as little as possible 藍