What is Green Laning?


Green Laning is commonly referred to as the activity involving driving on Public Byways(BOAT) and Unclassified Country Road’s (UCR) that are usually not tarmacked and have ‘Rights of Way’ (ROW) for motorised Vehicles in the countryside, Hence the ‘Green’ name.

Whilst Green Laning is not off road, by definition, it can in some places have the feel and experience of going off road as most of these roads are un-maintained and left for nature to take its course!

Due to the fact they are ‘on road’ you must follow all the laws that pertain to driving on a road I.e. Wearing seatbelts, taxed and MOT’ed etc. Or you could be met by the Police who have targetted lanes just as much as they do on normal roads.

There’s an extensive network of Green Lanes up and down England and Wales varying in difficulty from very hard to very easy, You may even find some that a 2WD could easily manage, but as they commonly don’t show up on Sat Nav’s etc they can lead you to some beautiful locations and stunning views that not everyone can see.

Due to conflicting interests from others and bad behavior by some fellow laners, these ancient rights of way are being closed to motor vehicles, however there is a group devoted to keeping them open and maintaining the ones that fall into disrepair.

We stand by that group and it’s principals to help keeps these roads open. The group is The Green Lane Association (GLASS) and for a yearly fee you can support the fight for access to these much loved lanes.

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Now learn how to start find green lanes by looking at our tutorial here!