Let’s get exploring! Stage 1 – The Introduction

Hello and welcome to the guide to finding Green Lanes with the Dacia Duster Explorers!

This guide is extensive but to be a true explorer you have to seek out and do your research, both to have an enjoyable journey, a safe one and a legal one plus it only aids the joy of discovery.

Let’s just clarify what a “Green lane” is, it’s generally observed that a Green Lane is a road that see’s very little traffic and usually has an un-metalled (Not Tarmac) surface. Although this can technically be very broad as some routes are tarmacked. It’s not a legal name as such it’s just been associated with these roads as they are generally out in the countryside.

These “Green Lanes” and sometimes termed “Green roads” are highways just like any other roads that have either come out of regular use or are historical Rights Of Way (ROW) that have been used as roads in the past.

They are NOT on your regular Satellite navigation programs/Devices and due to that the traffic is very very low!

You can use these Green lanes to gather your thoughts after a busy day or go out and get some fresh air in the glorious countryside or even on some routes get a taste of adrenaline!

There is generally two types of roads we’re looking for when we are green laning, an Unclassified country road (UCR) (These are the lowest type of road due to their traffic and width) and Byways Open to ALL traffic (BOATS), Generally UCR’s have a Black way marker arrow (Way marker arrow? These are exactly the same as the common yellow footpath arrow that shows you where the footpaths are) and BOATs have a red arrow. Although in some counties they like to switch things around sometimes you may find white arrows for UCR’s.

Not only can you find these way marker arrows you may also find signposts with either a symbol, arrow or wording ‘Byway’ or ‘Right of way’.

So now you know what we are looking for it’s time to find out how to find them!

Let’s move onto Stage 2 (Maps) here…