Buying Advice

If your thinking of buying a new Duster to do what we do (Green Laning etc.) and or be part of the group it’s recommended you choose the following, and yes you must obviously choose the 4×4 version! :

  • Engine – Get the Diesel dCi 110, purely for the fact its the most powerful diesel engine for pulling your Duster along the dirt tracks and inclines!
  • Versions – Choose what ever version suits your Budget, The Group’s founder Adam, Drives a Laureate
  • Equipment – All the equipment is optional although we’d highly recommend the Media Nav purely for off line route guidance taking you to lanes via coordinates. Whilst parking sensors are a good thing to have they’ll be useless to have when reversing in long grass etc.!
  • Paint – Ever scratched your gorgeous coloured car? No? Well if your one of the very few lucky ones good for you! But if you aren’t you’ll already know that under that cool looking paint is a whole lot of white! EVERY YEAR the grass grows and so do the bushes that you find on some green lanes, and believe it or not the Glacier White colour is the best to have. It looks cleaner for longer and it’s very hard to see the scratches visually from 2 feet away!
  • Additional Packs – The Protection pack is a must not only will it aim to prevent your pride and joy getting stolen thanks to the alarm, You’ll also get the Mud Guards to prevent any wayward stones destroying your paintwork!. The Touring Pack, It’s a must really! don’t need to tow anything? You may not need to but you’ll always have that option, on another note the cost of the Touring Pack is nothing compared to the cost of the bodywork damage by a misplaced reversing technique or dropping off an obstacle which your tow bar will hit first rather than your Beautifully smooth rear end!

If Dacia change anything we’ll be sure to update you here, but going on current experiences these are the ultimate options you should choose when buying a Dacia for either Green Laning or Off Roading!

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