Welcome to Dacia Duster Explorers UK!

First off this site/group is all about daring to break myths about affordable cars and their capabilities in particular the off roading capabilities of our beloved 4×4 Dacia Dusters. Many a video can be found online of dedicated Romanians, Turkish and others taking their Dusters through anything, quite literally. Well it’s time to break the stereotype of cheap cars much the way Aldi and Lidl changed peoples perceptions of cheap food here in the UK. Being a Dacia Duster Explorer means your willing to take your Duster into the great outdoors and in particular participate in the great sport of green laning in a car that’s not only cheaper to run than most well known 4×4’s but also capable of handling some challenging terrain! There are some limits granted, (in particular ground clearance) with Duster’s but for an affordable car that’s capable of being both your day to day workhorse and your off roading warrior you really can’t complain!

From the 1st of November our Facebook group will be closed! If you want to see what we do and or share what you do either in this country or abroad then join our new Hub area! It’ll be the one stop place to learn something about either your Duster or your Future Duster!

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