GoPro Fusion Studio 1.1.1

Back when I first got a 360° Camera it was a GoPro Fusion, little did I know it would be a real bitch to process the 2 SD card’s files taking hours and hours!

They kept updating the software but any updates past 1.1.1 would not work with my PC

Knowing the value this setup file for 1.1.1 of Fusion Studio as GoPro kept removing older software, I decided to archive it and after remembering where it was here it is for anyone who needs it 🙂

Any issues with this file please use the contact us link/messenger.

To find our 360° Fusion videos search “360 Dacia Duster Explorers” on YouTube, FYI we still use our fusion as of June 2022 but have a more powerful computer to run the latest fusion studio! – Explorer Adam

Click here to download.