The Green Lane Association (GLASS)

GLASS Logo new v2We here at Dacia Duster Explorers love taking our cars on the UK’s Public rights of way network (“Green Laning”), these are ancient vehicular rights of way that we can legally drive on.

Unfortunately, due to neglect and sometimes other irresponsible drivers, these networks of historic roads are always under threat.

That’s where The Green Lane Association (GLASS) come in,

They encourage sensible driving and have a code of conduct which we will adhere to, Furthermore if you become a member for a very low yearly price you’ll get access to a twice yearly magazine and a monthly digital bulletin, Access to a user contributed website detailing all the Vehicular public rights of way and knowing that your money is going into the pot that they use (it’s a not for profit company) for fighting for our access to drive in the countryside and see places some cars can’t!

All it takes is a quick search on the web to find their successes!

We hope to have all our Duster explorers as Members of Glass, So check out their website and see all the things they do, then sign up and help support us all!