Our Map – Welcome

Hello and welcome to our mapping system!

This system is designed to be complementary to Trailwise 2/Smart Trail specifically aimed at Dacia Duster Drivers.

This map is here so that you can see where we have taken our Dusters on the Green Lanes of England and Wales (There are none as such in Scotland!).

It will help you locate places that we have driven much faster than browsing our YouTube Channel and will hopefully aid you to becoming one of us, an Explorer! and to contribute to our growing community. If we’ve been down it then your likely to get down it too or get stuck/have an accident so heed the warnings below!


Route icons denote difficulty based on the opinion of the first driver that drove those lanes, ‘Your’ opinion and ‘Theirs’ may differ significantly.

Difficult or Dangerous routes that require maximum attention!


Moderate routes that may be Difficult but still demand extra attention


Relatively easy routes and least amount of skill needed (Best for confidence builidng)


Remember our rules as shown in the videos if you don’t feel confident get out and assess the lane on foot first. Reversing can be both impossible, dangerous and or very difficult!

These ancient rights of way change with the seasons and can vary rapidly month to month based on usage. What once was easy may now be a nightmare so always take extreme care on these routes.

They may also be closed by means of a Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO or commonly mentioned as a TRO) or permanently closed (PTRO).

Some lanes have been closed due to an Order called a PSPO (Public Space Protection order)

and some have Seasonal TTRO’s generally from the 1st OCT to 3oth April

Always double check with the Council or ask a GLASS rep for your area both on advice and open status (http://www.glass-uk.org)

We are purely a source of information and offer no liability whatsoever for you on using our information and driving these routes, information is subject to change at any time and we can not be held responsible should you act on any of our information and come to any harm.

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