Duster FAQs

Here’s a collection of FAQ’s that we think will be most important to you, Please bear in mind we are a 4×4 group and all FAQ’s are related to the 4×4 ONLY and NOT the 4×2.

What’s the Maximum Wading depth for the Duster?

350mm is the printed maximum wading depth but we’ve had other Explorers comfortably drive with the water just above the number plate (All Diesels). Remember water is dangerous and the Duster if not sufficiently weighed down can ‘float’ and thus you have no control then of the direction. Also something to bear in mind is that water can push a Duster off course and it doesn’t take a lot to do that if the water is sufficiently fast flowing.

What’s the Maximum Towing Weight for the Duster?

The Dusters Maximum towing limit is 1500kg (1.5 Tons)

My 4×4 Lock mode goes off after periods of time is it faulty?

The Manual states this:

This mode should only be used in extreme driving conditions (mud, steep slopes, sand)

if the vehicle speed exceeds 36 mph (60 km/h) in 4WD Lock mode, the system automatically switches back

Is it ok to start in 2nd gear because the 1st gear is really low?

Yes it’s ok! The manual and we trust them on this says this:

Vehicles with 4×4 (4WD) transmission On flat, level ground, with the vehicle unladen, you are recommended to start in second gear.

I feel like I’m tipping over (Body Roll) when going around corners is that normal?

The manual states this to clarify why this happens:

Your vehicle has a greater ground clearance than an ordinary passenger vehicle. This gives it a higher centre of gravity, making it more susceptible to rolling during sudden or aggressive manoeuvres, or when cornering at high speeds. Take extra care when the vehicle is loaded (in particular when the load is on the roof). Ensure that all passengers are wearing their seat belts. A label affixed to the sun visor reminds you of this.

What is the Maximum Permissible nose weight?

75 kg on the tow ball for the 4×4 (50 kg for the 4×2)

What is the maximum weight on the roof?

Including the carrying device it’s 80 Kg

What is the Coolant Capacity for the Duster?

5.45 Litres with an Air Conditioning System 4.5 without.