What’s what on the HUB?

Welcome and thanks for being a part of the Community!

The picture  above is the menu you see when logging into The Hub if you click it you will see a larger version, in this page we will go through the options and what they are designed for!

Main Site

This button takes you back to the main site and the information contained on it.


This is your main view, it’s rather like Facebook if your on Facebook that is. It contains a dynamic live view of everything that’s going on in the site and is a place to post updates on your daily adventures! Everyone can see it.


This is a Live Chat room, use this feature to organise real time chats amongst your friends here.


Start your online diary (Blog) here for not just the members but the public to see documenting your Duster Experiences etc.


Like to gauge opinion? Then start an online vote to settle a score or find out what others think.


Planning a trip? Camping? Or just a social gathering? add it in here!


Any Videos posted on the main Home Feed are all displayed here for your viewing leisure!


Want a more in-depth discussion or have a specific question to ask? then whack a post in our forum!


On this page are a collection of downloadable resources for your pleasure! Like Manuals etc.

We’ll write some more information about using the site soon if you need any help whack a post in the forum!

But for now CLICK HERE to return to The Hub