Pre-Requisites for supplying Video

We want to showcase the best the Duster 4×4 can do in the UK. We want to show other drivers where we can drive ‘legally’ and do it successfully using a Duster in the UK. We want to bestow Owners with the knowledge they need to LOVE their Dusters!

One of the way’s we do this is via our YouTube Channel, it contains ‘hopefully’ the best content for other people to enjoy and help grow our group. We say hopefully as we are honest people and we are but amateurs in growing groups and video production and there is a lot more we can learn to improve on the quality of our content on YouTube!

So, to keep things of the best quality we need to set a standard.

If you are providing videos of lanes you’ve driven we’d edit videos for you and would prefer to have the footage as 4K. This future proofs our videos and enables a decent level of quality on most devices and eases our workflow.

We’ve pondered and looked at the footage over the years and have decided that this view is the best :

Water-Break-Its-Neck, Powys

How was this achieved? This was using a GoPro Hero 7 Black, A Highly recommended Camera for exploring! They come with a sticky mount that allows the quick release case to attach and detach as and when needed. The mount will permanently stay on the car (Although can be removed at any time, but be warned once it’s off you have to buy a new one to attach it again!)

The GoPro Sticky Mount
With GoPro (Included with the Hero 7 Black) Quick Release Case attached

The GoPro Hero 7 Black has a removable battery and so with a GoPro Dual Battery charger (Which comes with a spare battery) you can purchase an additional battery so that you have 3 batteries to rotate whilst out exploring, generally as you get down to your last battery the first one is charged if you connect it to a USB socket in the 12v socket. Not only that with the stabilization features the viewer will see the car undulate in the view giving a sense of the terrain.

A bit of a crap photo but you get the picture, I (Explorer Adam) have 2 GoPro’s and a GoPro Fusion 360° Camera. At any one time I generally have one full battery out of 3 for each camera (2 in the charger one in the camera)

Lane videos encourage other Duster drivers to drive those very same routes knowing that other Dusters have driven them, we can then add the videos to our UK wide video map and encourage people to join our group.

We are also on the lookout for Good Quality (Non shaky, good positioned) HD upto 4K action videos filmed off the car, I.e. from a tripod. Our last collection of these type of videos were used by Dacia to make a promotional video both for us and them and features 2 of our Explorers Cars. You can be part of this and really require your help to GROW!

Created by a professional video company on behalf of Dacia & The Duster Explorers featuring the videos we had in our repertoire at the time.

Can you help us? Email : to get storage for uploading your videos or send us a message on Messenger.