Help us grow!

We’re slowly but surely having an impact on things in the UK 4×4 world, but we need to grow!

We’re looking for the following to help us grow :

  • Social Media Explorers – Members of our group that actively go out seeking content around the web regarding Duster 4×4’s and using our back catalogue of videos and posts to keep our followers old & new entertained and wowed!
  • Blogging Explorers – Want to start a Daily/Weekly/Monthly Duster 4×4 Diary on this very website? then just ask and we’ll set it up for you!
  • Sweet Talking Explorers – Someone who can approach Dealerships/Companies both to help them bestow the goodness of Dacia Duster 4×4’s to potential new owners and see if they are willing to take some of our marketing materials and or offer prizes/Discounts to current Explorers
  • Content Creator Explorers – Duster 4×4 Owners that can make high quality videos for the Main YouTube Channel, i.e. Maintenance , Light bar installation, Snorkel etc. etc. (Help can be provided in terms of editing, titles etc. etc.) and provide High Quality Pictures to show of their Dusters!
  • Any more ideas please let us know!